“Dinner is served”

Little Wing curates a monthly box of companion products that make up a meal to feed four adults, plus more. Each box starts with a handmade Little Wing product, then we reach out to our expansive network of contacts in the food and beverage industry to complete the meal. Created with the understanding that life is busy, and households sometimes need a ‘get out of jail free card’, we will take the thought out of cooking one night each month. We pack and ship on the 7th of every month, delivering to your door anywhere in Australia. Subscribers also receive exclusive access to video content, explaining what makes each ingredient special, and footage of chef James Kummrow cooking the entire meal. A commitment to real food, traditional cooking methods, healthy ingredients, delivered once a month. 


Little Wing – Puttanesca 500g

A sauce that can be found in recipe books dating back to the 1800’s in Naples, although popularised in 1950’s Sicily. A pungent sauce, spiked with Mount Zero Kalamata olives, capers and garlic. To really drive these bold flavours, try adding great quality anchovies and finish with generous amounts of freshly chopped parsley.

La Molisana – Spaghetto Quadrato 500g

This square spaghetti is produced from stone debranned wheat, and extruded the traditional way using bronze drawing. Fleshy and thicker than most spaghetti, it presents an irregular texture, a warm and inviting colour and a great texture on the palette. The shape of this spaghetti is perfect for the busy home cook, as it basically never overcooks!

Yurrita – Cantabrico anchovies 50g

Yurrita is a 150 year old family business based in the working port of Mutriko on the Basque coast.Small Cantabrian Anchoviesare harvested in the Bay of Biscay and landed while still incredibly fresh. The anchovies are then cleaned and salted for almost a year. Then they are hand filleted, hand packed in olive oil and canned. Yurrita is the only brand offering Marine Stewardship Council certified anchovies, something which means a lot to the true lover of sustainable seafood.

Mount Zero Olives – Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml

Freshly pressed Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed from Australian grown Frantoio and Manzanilla olives. a well balanced oil with a herbaceous aroma, notes of walnut and tomato leaf with a delicious lasting pepperiness. A great all-rounder for liberal lashings on salads, meats, vegetables, and pasta.

Our Story

Founder James Kummrow is an Australian chef, who spent his career working in some of the world’s top restaurants, with a CV that reads like this; Fenix Restaurant, Journal Canteen, Church St Enoteca, TATE Modern (UK), Collineige (FR), The Vineyard (UK), The Square (UK), Royal Mail Hotel Dunkeld. His last position was Venue Manager / Head chef at Fatto Bar & Cantina, overseeing operations of the entire iconic Melbourne venue. Little Wing brings world class cooking to your home.

Traditional Flavours

you can rest assured that your meal has been put together under the eyes of an experienced chef, and has deeply rooted traditions on every meal. Classic meals, with hand selected ingredients, that are known as classics for a reason.

Our commitment to bringing you restaurant quality ingredients, that are the average person would not have access to, comes from genuine care for the provenance. Almost 20 years experience chasing quality produce around the world for restaurants, now that effort is going into your monthly subscription.  


Born of the COVID era, Little Wing was created to cater for people who care about not just where their food comes from, but also the ability to safely receive quality food delivered direct to your front door. While the world was stockpiling toilet paper, we were building a brand that could solve a new problem that had never been seen before. Turning a negative situation into an opportunity, and staying true to our favourite saying ‘no guts, no glory’ – Little Wing took flight. Quality Always.




6 Law Crt, Sunshine West, Victoria, 3020

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